Monday morning

How I love the weekend, when I get to do all the things I love doing in my free time, especially writing, spending time with people I love, spending time with the dog I love, and spending time a home.
How I love weekdays when I get to go to my ‘real’ job as a teacher. I find the work so satisfying and I know I am doing the work I should be. It is also a wonderful playground to explore my relationships with others. Lots of fun and games.
So, as I leave the weekend behind me, I am feeling more like I want to bring a little of that to every day of the week. I have always written poetry and this weekend I began to write some for children. I have decided that that is a nice project to continue with during the week. No pressure, fun writing and none of the messy businessy type stuff of having everything set out correctly and making sure I’ve got the links correct.
I have a plan for forward action. That feels good.

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