Happy Wednesday

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m kicking it. I had no internet connection yesterday, which turned out to be a mega bonus as I got stuck into re-editing my getting children to eat their vegetables book. This morning I’ve finished it and am on track to re-release it on the weekend. Yes! That is a massive accomplishment.
I have also been plugging away at a children’s book, which I am so much enjoying. If I’d realised it would be this much fun, I would have done it sooner. It’s bringing out the child in me and I’m finding it great relaxation.
On the other hand, back at my ‘real work’, I have found some of my buttons pushed. Basically just people being rude to me, but I’m surprised how it makes me feel. I have decided I don’t need to wear that. I can wear whatever I want. That stuff is not going to stick to me. I am wearing appreciation and good thoughts. Yes, it’s going to be a happy day at work today.
Hope your day is happy too!

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