Weekend fun

What a wonderful weekend. I spent time with family. cooked and cleaned. It was exactly what I needed. Luckily today is a public holiday and I will be catching up on my writing.
I had a productive week last week, republishing “Get your kids to eat their vegetables” and beginning a children’s book. I am pleased with my new title and cover for the veggie book. It is so much more appealing than it was. Managing to get the createspace book organised was a real achievement. I now have to make sure to do that for all my books. I think it will be a critical factor in any children’s books. My research this week tells me that children’s books don’t sell on kindle, but they could sell hard copies. Expecting dismal sales won’t stop me here because I have been having so much fun with the process of writing the children’s book, that I want to do it again and again. Aim of the game this week is to finish my first children’s book “The Animals are Talking”, finish my “Easy Vegetarian Entertaining Volume 2” and have both ready for publishing by next weekend. I won’t publish the children’s book yet though. I want to have another one ready to go at the same time. I will put out ideas for the cover and pick a launch date so that I will keep myself on track and line up a couple of reviews, which I know are critical.
Having the family over yesterday was lovely – a bit of a surprise, but lovely. I though five people were coming for lunch maybe or maybe we would be going out. Turned out to be eleven of us at our tiny house. I was so excited we all fitted inside. The weather was definitely winter and we have dirt and mud as far as the eye can see, as the ground has been prepared for cementing. Can’t wait for the cement to arrive.
Because of the quick nature of preparation yesterday, and thinking on my feet, I relied on old favourites, although I did slip one new recipe in, thanks to my neighbour’s homegrown pumpkins and a tin of chickpeas I had in the fridge. If it wasn’t for the very basic herb garden and the local free range chooks, I would have had to add an hour to prep time to drive into town to buy supplies. Yay for this lifestyle! It is exactly what I want. The food is fresh, the water untainted and the air is clean. I am blessed.

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