What can you do today to make a difference?

blog make a difference

I found this blog post that I wrote four years ago today…

It takes so little to make a difference. A kind word, a smile, really listening when your loved one is talking to you, not driving if you’ve been drinking, buying the fabric handbag instead of the leather one, telling the truth, picking up that piece of rubbish that didn’t make the bin…  The list is endless.
Know that you can make a difference. You can control nobody else but yourself. You are the one that will make the difference. You might not be able to change the entire world, but you are able to make small changes to your own world.
Small changes add up. They build upon each other and have a way of building momentum as they do, which means those small changes you make can grow into big ones.
All you have to do is decide to be proactive and take control of you.
Step lightly – make a difference today.

I ran it through tagxedo to create the pic.

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