Just enjoy the process


This picture from my Facebook feed this morning sums up where my life is right now.
First of all, it’s a little messy – vividly, vibrantly and neon-coloured messy.
There’s the issue of the mess spreading. Don’t think those little fingers won’t be touching anything else. They will!
But then there’s the real problem, which I didn’t really consider a problem at all, until I was hit with a reality check.

I love being creative. I love the process of writing my books. I love cooking for my books. I love taking photo. I love the whole darn thing. There’s not one bit I don’t love. I would do it all day every day without the need for a break, mostly because I find there are so many different things to do and work on that if I get a little bogged in one area, heck I can break out a new thing to do (a bit like the child in the pic with the paints).

So, happily I create. focusing not on an end result, not on any result really, just doing what feels good at the time. Then someone called me out yesterday and told me I wasn’t getting the results I could. Oooh! That hit me hard. I didn’t feel criticised in any way, but I did feel woken up. I felt like someone was delivering the message the universe wanted me to hear. I knew instantly I needed to look at some of my work and revise it.

Yes, I do want some sort of result at the end of the day, but I mostly want to enjoy the process. I also believe in sharing imperfection. It certainly gives people hope. I have never set out to be the best. I gave up competing years ago. But stopping and assessing what we’ve done and what we need to improve upon doesn’t make the process any less fun. It just makes the product better.

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