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Angelamoore grainfree vegetarian cookbook

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Meat free meals that don’t contain grain are hard to come by. That’s why I’ve collated some of my favorites in this book. I was shocked when I realised who heavily I was relying on pasta, bread and potatoes to feed me and I knew I could feed myself and my family better. I scoured for interesting meal ideas and have put together simple, easy, grain free vegetarian recipes with lots of variations so you can feed yourself well.
Designed for busy people, who don’t have a lot of time to cook, this book will solve your ‘what can I eat’ dilemmas. When I first went grain free, I was stumped with what to cook. This was especially frustrating as I could no longer rely on takeaway or eating out. Now, having to prepare all my meals, I faced endless days of “what can I cook?” You can only eat so many fried or boiled eggs.
I have felt so much better since going grain free, I want to encourage others who want to pursue this lifestyle and make their lives easier. If your vegetarian, looking to feed vegetarians, or just wanting some meat-free alternatives, this book will give you some great recipes to live your grain free life.
Don’t put off going grain free because you can’t find anything to eat. It’s certainly a lifestyle choice I wish I’d made earlier, with aches and pains vanished, clearer skin and less weight to carry around.
Quick enough to prepare every day, but yummy enough to serve to company, these recipes will help you on your grain free way.


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If you find yourself looking around your house, not knowing where to start; or even just procrastinating to get your cleaning done, then this guide is for you. Each chapter will provide you with helpful tips to thoroughly clean every room of your house in the most time-efficient way.
Even if you are someone who enjoys cleaning, you can still benefit from shaving some time off of the clock. As much as you like to clean, you probably enjoy spending time with your family, friends and even by yourself so much more. If you are ready to feel comfortable in your home every day and always have it in great condition for company (or those pesky unexpected visitors), then get ready to learn the easy and fast way to clean!
There are two reasons I chose speed cleaning. I want to save time, so it has to be fast, and previous to speed cleaning, I qualified as one of the worst cleaners ever. I once cleaned the kitchen at work and went to leave for the day. The boss asked “Aren’t you going to clean the kitchen first?” Cleaning has to be easy, or I don’t get out of the start gate. This guide to speed cleaning will save you time, allowing you to create the family haven you crave in less time than you ever dreamt of. It will also give you step-by-step instructions with tips along the way.
Awesome details! ~ Angela
I love how Angela gives detailed information about supplies needed and working room by room. She gives wonderful ideas and tips to make cleaning more manageable.~ Amazon customer
 Great organizational tool. There are many useful processes and techniques in this book. I basically know how to clean things already, but what I found incredibly helpful was the way the book organized tasks by weekly, monthly, and seasonal. That really helped me visualize and plan out how I can maintain a clean home without having to devote every spare minute to cleaning.~ Rebekah M
Are meal times with your children less than pleasant? Do you feel like you are battling to get your kids to eat their vegetables? Are you arguing, coercing, bribing and just getting tired of trying? This book will end all that. It presents solutions to end your fights, to restore peace and to put the nutrition and fun back into mealtimes. As a mother, I know that the emotional drain of trying to get your kids to eat their veggies. I discovered a few tricks along the way that have worked for me and plenty of others I have shared them with. When Jenny realized her distaste for pumpkin was sending out more than just the message that pumpkin doesn’t taste good, actually creating much bigger repercussions, she started following the advice in the book, relaxed and found a whole new attitude which got her kids back on track without drama. That’s just it. You don’t have to have the drama and stress that is brought on by trying to do the right thing as a parent but not having your kids cooperate. I promise that if you follow the suggestions in the book, your mealtimes will be more fun and your children’s nutrition will improve. Each chapter is designed to help make your children’s relationship with vegetables a positive experience for all concerned, including you. Don’t put up with feeling bad any longer. Be the kind of parent you want to be.
Lots of great tips and recipes. Having two young children, I know how hard it is to get kids to eat their vegetables. I thought I had tried everything but this book gave me a lot of great ideas.~ K. Crepeau
Great advice and recipes. I purchased this book because, like most parents, I have a really hard time getting my kids to eat their veggies. So much so that I had given up the whole thing. However, reading this book gave me a new fresh perspective of how I can sneak in vegetables in meals and desserts they like. The chocolate and beetroot brownies recipe is pure genius! The best part is that not only did she gives you great tips & recipes, but also sound advice on how to deal with your children behavior, to figure out the core reason why they don’t want to eat their veggies (instead of trying to shove it down their throats kicking & screaming) and the most important advice – to change our attitude about the whole situation. Great book!
Vegetarian and have guests coming? Looking for recipes that are tasty and will satisfy all palates? Meat eaters who have vegetarians visiting? Stuck for ideas? This book is for you!
As a vegetarian, I can’t count how many times people ask me “But what do you eat?” Here’s 50 simple recipes that begins to answer that question. And when I say simple, I mean easy enough a basic cook like myself can whip them up without drama. They are tried and tested recipes that have kept my family and friends (vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters) very happy and well fed.
This is the first in a series of books for entertaining vegetarians. Future volumes include children’s parties; formal dinners; Italian feasts and more.
Don’t put off having people over any longer. The recipes are presented in easy menu formats so you can find the whole meal solution in one place, from start to finish. There are 9 different menus to suit different tastes, times of day and seasons. There’s even a vegan and a dairy free option.
Beginner to advanced cooks will enjoy success!
This is the first in a series of Easy Vegetarian Entertaining Cookbooks. Coming up in future volumes are children’s parties; cocktail parties; formal dinners; romantic picnics; informal gatherings; and more. Each book is brimming with more than 50 recipes that will satisfy and impress your guests.
Thank you for purchasing Easy Vegetarian Entertaining Cookbook Volume 1. Enjoy your entertaining!


I’m always looking for creative, appealing vegetable dishes to get the men in my house to eat more than just meat and potatoes. Some real winners here. ~ L.H. Thompson.
Delicious vegetarian recipes. I love the variety of menus for so many occasions… very creative! My favorites are  ‘High Tea for 20’ and ‘Greek Dinner Party’. Excited to entertain! ~ Travis Olson Fitness
This is a go to book for meal planning, ~ Amazon customer
Stuck for ideas on what to serve to vegetarians? Vegetarian and wanting to entertain without compromise? From the author of best selling Easy Vegetarian Entertaining, comes a second book in the series that solves your entertaining dilemmas. More great menus to cater to different occasions. The menu options in this volume range from a Turkish Feast for 8, to an Italian dinner party, game time gathering and kids make-your-own party. There’s plenty more recipes in this volume and the best bit – they’re easy. Beginners to advanced cooks will enjoy entertaining success.
I love that there’s a second book! I especially enjoyed the vegan soup party. The salted chocolate cake is sensational. ~ Rodney Thomas
Do you wonder how you can be more romantic? Do you not have a lot of cash to show the person you love how much they mean to you? Do you just wonder what men or women find romantic? This book gives you 101 ways to become more romantic that come at no extra cost to your everyday life, but will make sure that special person knows how you feel about them. Don’t leave it any longer to lift the quality of your relationship. Forge a closer bond with the one you love. Adding more romance to your life will bring you many benefits.
This is a short book with 101 suggestions to get you started that don’t cost any money. It’s easy to be romantic if you are flashing the cash, but showing someone you care without spending a cent can often mean more because you’ve taken the time to really think about them.
Click on the link above to buy it now and reap the rewards of a happier and more fulfilling relationship.
Great romantic ideas! The ways to be romantic in this book were practical, creative and fun to read. We all need a little help remembering to be romantic – this book does that beautifully! ~ Rembrandt Chick. 
Great free, romantic ideas that can spice up any relationship. This book shows how to stay romantic in truly meaningful ways. ~ B.L. Asselin

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