My new book – a grain free vegetarian cookbook

vegetable-curry-16098447I’ve had trouble writing in here. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent the weekend writing – writing and cooking actually, as I nail down the final couple of recipes for my next cookbook.
This one is close to my heart, because being vegetarian narrowed my food choices, but last year I cut out all grains after seeing the results my husband was getting from following the Wheat Belly lifestyle. Dr William Davis wrote the book and has a great blog, which reminds me of the damage grains can cause to my body. I don’t really care if other people subscribe to it or not, I just know the difference it has made in my life. When I gave up grains, I got my face back and my body is on its way back too. I have more energy and I feel better than ever.
One big drawback – vegetarians who don’t eat grains aren’t left with much to choose from. This actually really highlighted to me my reliance on grains and also how far I had moved towards processed foods. It is so lovely to be making my food from scratch (starting out as necessity, but turning into enjoyment). So, I’m definitely much more on the health track, which is also proven in my annual blood test results, which show improvement in a number of areas.
I had a friend who had seen my progress and decided to try it out. She was doing amazingly until stress at work caused her to grab a biscuit and not be bothered to cook dinner and it wasn’t long before she was bloated and had her skin rashes back and felt worse than ever. One week back on the wagon and the puffiness in her face was gone, the rashes were gone and she was happier! Yes, the mood improvement is definitely real.
There is so much evidence around me, I have had no option but to embrace this lifestyle. My own story, backed up by others I know, means I’m committed. Now, because I’m committed, I have had to find food to eat. So, I’ve put the recipes I use every day into a book. The very beauty of this is they are the world’s quickest, simplest, get-the-food-on-the-table recipes you could ever have. I often do a bake as part of my morning routine, spending just under 5 minutes mixing up a batch of muffins and putting them in the oven to cook while I take my shower. Bonus is I can eat them for breakfast and lunch as they contain only nuts, fruit or cacao, sometimes coconut, a little honey or maple syrup and some sort of oil. They are filling and good for me with less sugar than most people put in a cup of tea and way more nutrients than can be found in two pieces of bread or a bowl of puffed rice.
You’re about to see how long the publishing process actually takes me, because while the copy is finished, it still needs editing and formatting. I always make changes in this process. I need to write the blurb and I need to organise the cover. So, it will be a couple of weeks before the book is out in the world, but it’s coming….