Holiday Blessings


I’ve just been on holidays. I explored and played. I talked to strangers. I was adventurous, daring and brave. I was alive. It felt good.

I did something I’ve wanted to do for 30 years. I went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. My sensible self said it would be dangerous and I should be careful, but my trusting self who believes that the universe is actually on my side leaped at the chance. It was, in fact, an interesting example of manifestation. I had always said that next time I was back at the reef (I actually lived there in the 1980s and have returned several times since) I was going scuba diving. Of course, this thought completely left my mind when I planned this trip and while I was there. I got dressed and headed down to catch a boat to visit an island. There were no seats so we were waiting to see if someone didn’t show. As we were waiting my friend said she’d never been to the Barrier Reef. I was shocked and immediately asked if there were any seats available on a boat to the reef. Yes, the boat was leaving in 2 minutes. We paid and ran up the jetty. Still no thoughts of scuba diving. At the briefing, they mention an introductory dive. My friend who has been diving before was in without hesitation. I felt I had no option. I was going diving. I felt some fear creeping in and told myself it would have to be OK. Put all those thoughts of movies about people being stranded, reports of shark attacks back where I actually live, and my fear of coral itself, out of my mind. My greatest fear of course is not breathing. So I listened intently to the instructions. A better student you would never find. When Richie (the instructor) said “All you have to remember is to just keep breathing”, I looked down at my tshirt with “Just keep breathing” emblazoned on the front.

What a wonderful world it is beneath the water and how blessed I was to enjoy the dive at the Great Barrier Reef. I felt so lucky. I am still feeling blessed from the experience.

How I love looking at manifestations in hindsight.